About Sally Odgers


Sally Odgers was born in Tasmania in 1957. 

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Sally began writing as a child, and her first book was published in 1977. Several more have followed.

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She is married to Darrel Odgers, and they have two adult children, James (married to Hayley) and Tegan, a grandson, Ash, and a granddaughter, Imogen. Darrel and Sally live in a house full of books, music and Jack Russell Terriers.

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Darrel and Sally co-write the popular Jack Russell: Dog Detective and Pet Vet series.

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Sally runs a small manuscript assessment business and offers on-line writing workshops as well as school visits.

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Apart from writing, Sally loves reading, walking, collecting odd information, thinking up new character names, listening to music, watching science fiction movies, playing with the dogs, growing flowers, writing retro-Victorian fantasy poetry and playing with her websites. She has a collection of china dogs, an on-line library, and a fat file of information about her books. 

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