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What's new in 2012

Imogen’s eyes are a wondrous hue

Denim or ocean; ineffably blue

Wide as the wonder she sees in the world

Imagine the days through the eyes of a girl!

The gaze of our Imogen (wondrous blue)

Brings hope for a life with an innocent view...


Imogen Grace










What was new in 2011

Meet our new granddaughter, Imogen Grace Odgers!



What was new in 2009


A lullaby for my precious first grandson, Ashton James Odgers.


Lullaby for Ash


May you be safe in loving arms

As warm December strews its charms

Then days be venturesome and bright

With gentle rest to pass the night

And let the breezes lullaby

Your baby dreams in passing by—

A lullaby for Ash

Their lullaby for Ash.

Friday’s blessing passes by

To softly sing your lullaby

And when you waken from the night

Let days be venturesome and bright

As warm December strews its charms

Still you are safe in loving arms

And lullabies await your sleep

With baby dreams for you to keep.











This beauty will be part of an upcoming picture book. Meet Princess Flora!